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The 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition


Sept. 30, 2015

We now know the names of the Competition's candidates

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Fifteen days of auditions and over 120 hours of music by Fryderyk Chopin in the rendition of young pianists from 20 countries – the 17th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition is beginning. Today during our press conference, we found out the order in which the participants will be appearing.

During the conference at Hotel Regent, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prof. Małgorzata Omilanowska drew the letter „B"; the competition auditions will therefore begin with Tymoteusz Bies from Poland.

According to the rules and regulations, pianists from all over the world born from 1985 to 1999 were permitted to apply for the Competition. In order to take part in the rivalry, they were required to send in their applications, together with a video recording containing the program from the first round, by 1 December 2014. After announcing that applications were being accepted, The Fryderyk Chopin Institute received the record number of over 450 applications from all over the world. Based on analysis of the recordings and applications sent in, the Admission Committee selected 160 pianists, who took part in public Preliminary Round in April of this year in Warsaw. From this group, the jury admitted 77 pianists to the main competition. Seven pianists – winners of the international competitions mentioned in the Rules and Regulations, as well as the prizewinners at the Fryderyk Chopin National Piano Competition 2015 – ensured themselves participation in the October competition, by passing the Preliminary Round.

Six persons from this group resigned from participation in the Competition, so that a total of 78 participants will appear in the first round. Among those taking part, the most numerous groups are from Poland (14 people) and China (13 people); beyond this, no less than 12 pianists from Japan; 8 from South Korea; 6 from Russia; 4 from the United States; 3 each from Italy, Canada and Great Britain; 2 from the Czech Republic; and 1 representative each from Belarus, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine and Uzbekistan will be appearing.


The Competition Participants:

  • 1. Ms Soo Jung Ann (South Korea)
  • 2. Ms Miyako Arishima (Japan)
  • 3. Mr Tymoteusz Bies (Poland)
  • 4. Mr Rafał Błaszczyk (Poland)
  • 5. Mr Łukasz Piotr Byrdy (Poland)
  • 6. Ms Michelle Candotti (Italy)
  • 7. Mr Luigi Carroccia (Italy)
  • 8. Ms Galina Chistiakova (Russia)
  • 9. Ms Irina Chistiakova (Russia)
  • 10. Mr Seong-Jin Cho (South Korea)
  • 11. Mr Ashley Fripp (United Kingdom)
  • 12. Ms Yasuko Furumi (Japan)
  • 13. Ms Saskia Giorgini (Italy)
  • 14. Mr Adam Mikołaj Goździewski (Poland)
  • 15. Ms Ivett Gyӧngyӧsi (Hungary)
  • 16. Mr Chi Ho Han (South Korea)
  • 17. Mr Olof Hansen (France)
  • 18. Mr Zhi Chao Julian Jia (China)
  • 19. Mr Aljoša Jurinić (Croatia)
  • 20. Ms Joo Yeon Ka (South Korea)
  • 21. Mr Honggi Kim (South Korea)
  • 22. Ms Su Yeon Kim (South Korea)
  • 23. Ms Yedam Kim (South Korea)
  • 24. Ms Yurika Kimura (Japan)
  • 25. Ms Dinara Klinton (Ukraine)
  • 26. Ms Aimi Kobayashi (Japan)
  • 27. Mr Qi Kong (China)
  • 28. Mr Marek Kozák (Czech Republic)
  • 29. Mr Łukasz Krupiński (Poland)
  • 30. Mr Krzysztof Książek (Poland)
  • 31. Ms Rachel Naomi Kudo (United States)
  • 32. Ms Kate Liu (United States)
  • 33. Mr Eric Lu (United States)
  • 34. Ms Tian Lu (China)
  • 35. Mr Xin Luo (China)
  • 36. Mr Roman Martynov (Russia)
  • 37. Ms Nagino Maruyama (Japan)
  • 38. Ms Nao Mieno (Japan)
  • 39. Mr Łukasz Mikołajczyk (Poland)
  • 40. Mr Paweł Motyczyński (Poland)
  • 41. Ms Alexia Mouza (Greece)
  • 42. Ms Mayaka Nakagawa (Japan)
  • 43. Ms Nozomi Nakagiri (Japan)
  • 44. Mr Szymon Nehring (Poland)
  • 45. Ms Anastasiia Nesterova (Russia)
  • 46. Mr Ronald Noerjadi (Indonesia)
  • 47. Ms Mariko Nogami (Japan)
  • 48. Mr Piotr Nowak (Poland)
  • 49. Ms Arisa Onoda (Japan)
  • 50. Mr Georgijs Osokins (Latvia)
  • 51. Mr Jinhyung Park (South Korea)
  • 52. Mr Piotr Ryszard Pawlak (Poland)
  • 53. Ms Zuzanna Pietrzak (Poland)
  • 54. Ms Tiffany Poon (China)
  • 55. Mr Kausikan Rajeshkumar (United Kingdom)
  • 56. Mr Charles Richard-Hamelin (Canada)
  • 57. Ms Tamila Salimdjanova (Uzbekistan)
  • 58. Mr Cristian Ioan Sandrin (Romania)
  • 59. Ms Natalie Schwamová (Czech Republic)
  • 60. Ms Boyang Shi (China)
  • 61. Mr Dmitry Shishkin (Russia)
  • 62. Ms Rina Sudo (Japan)
  • 63. Mr Michał Szymanowski (Poland)
  • 64. Ms Rikono Takeda (Japan)
  • 65. Mr Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev (Russia)
  • 66. Mr Alexei Tartakovsky (United States)
  • 67. Mr Hin-Yat Tsang (China)
  • 68. Mr Alexander Ullman (United Kingdom)
  • 69. Mr Chao Wang (China)
  • 70. Mr ZhuWang (China)
  • 71. Mr Andrzej Wierciński (Poland)
  • 72. Mr Yuchong Wu (China)
  • 73. Mr Zi Xu (China)
  • 74. Mr Yike (Tony) Yang (Canada)
  • 75. Ms Yuliya Yermalayeva (Belarus)
  • 76. Mr Cheng Zhang (China)
  • 77. Ms Chuhan Zhang (China)
  • 78. Ms Annie Zhou (Canada


The first round will last from 3–7 October 2015. We will find out the names of the pianists admitted to the second round of the Competition late in the evening on 7 October. Broadcasts at:;; and the Chopin Competition mobile app (available for Android, iOS and Smart TV).




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